Safety & the Environment

Health and Safety Program

Alpine Irrigation has an extensive safety program that incorporates all aspects of managing the business.  We have only included the general safety policy.  Should the County require further detail on the contents of the safety plan, Alpine would be pleased to provide this material upon request.

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Safety Policy

Safety is of vital importance to Alpine thereby being given the highest priority by the owners and management to ensure everyone involved with this company is able to work in a safe and healthy environment.  To promote this type of environment, each individual is urged to take part in implementing, maintaining, and improving the company safety program. Implementing an effective safety program takes resources, time and effort.

Management will ensure that everything Alpine does will meet or exceed legislative requirements.  This will include safe job procedures, the proper training of employees, and the proper maintenance of equipment.  Management will also make the effort to identify safety needs, and take the time to communicate with everyone in the company about various safety issues. Supervisors will support management by making certain each employee knows what is expected of them and that the employee has the proper training, and equipment to do the job safely.  Supervisors will also take a lead role in identifying and eliminating hazards and seeing that the property protective equipment is available and used correctly.  They will ensure that any unsafe conditions or behaviour is corrected immediately.

Employees are urged to take an active role in maintaining and improving the company safety program.  Employees must become familiar with the complete safety program and must take part in safety meetings and any training that is offered to them.  Safe work procedures and safety guidelines set out in the program must be followed.  Employees will also play a large role in identifying potential jobsite hazards, unsafe equipment and any missing, damaged or improper protective or emergency equipment.

Any safety issues that arise must be reported immediately to supervisors and management and it is asked that any other input employees have regarding safety programs also be communicated to supervisors and management. Everyone involved with Alpine should take pride in knowing that they are doing their part to create an effectively safety program and, as a result, a safe work environment.  A safe work place such as this will boost company morale and also benefit fellow workers, the general public and the environment.

With the commitment of owners, managers, supervisors and employees, our safety program will continuously evolve, and grow with the company to provide a healthy and safe work environment in the future as well.

Environmental Management Program

Alpine Irrigation has recently developed and approved a comprehensive environmental management program that will guide the company’s activities in the future.

This program demonstrates Alpine’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint in every aspect of the business. We recognize that in order for an environmental program to work effectively it must be integrated into the day to day operations of the business.  For this reason, Alpine has included its environmental program in its annual strategic planning process.  In this way, environmental initiatives are given equal consideration as other projects in the business planning cycle.  This integration also enables Alpine to set specific and measurable performance targets for the program in order to monitor where it is successful and where it can be improved.

We recognize a variety of specific benefits inherent in the environmental management program.  Again, in order to sustain (and strengthen) the program it is important to recognize all of the potential benefits the program provides to the company.  In this way, Alpine can further integrate environmental practices with business practices. Alpine is committed to continually improving the environmental management program.  This will be done through specific communication, monitoring, planning and evaluation functions identified in the program.

As the program grows and evolves, Alpine will strive to further establish a leadership position in environmental management practices.  Our commitment to our customers and the community is that our activities will be implemented with utmost care and consideration of environmental impacts. *Further information regarding the specific components of the environmental management program will be provided upon request.

Our environmental commitment and policy

Alpine Irrigation is committed to managing all aspects of our operations in an environmentally responsible manner at all times. We care about the environment, and we ask our customers to do the same. To ensure environmentally responsible behaviour is accepted as an integral part of our operations, we specifically undertake to:

  1. Establish an Environmental Management System in order to help systematically reduce our impacts on the environment.
  2. Prevent pollution occurring from our activities and operations.
  3. Conduct operations in compliance with relevant environmental regulations, licences and legislation.
  4. Communicate this policy to our employees and the wider community.
  5. Educate our employees and contractors on their environmental responsibilities and ensure this is integrated into their work practices, training and decision making.
  6. Continuously improve the environmental performance of our company.