Our Equipment

Alpine Irrigation inventories a superior fleet of over 50 pieces of equipment. We ensure the equipment that arrives at your site is ready for work and our staff is trained to operate. Along with our staff training program, all fusion techincians are certified. After the completion of your project, the club will be provided with an Auto-Cad As-Built drawing detailing all of the components and layout of the system.

Our Fleet

Vibratory Plows


  • Light foot print
  • Quad Track Drive
  • Custom plow blade for minimal turf disturbance
  • Can Be Operated on “Sensitive” Areas and Useful For: 2” – 4”
  • HDPE Pipe Instillation
  • Wire Instillation

Rollers & Packers


  • Smooth Drum Roller with Wide Turf Tires
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Remote Trench Sheep Foot Roller
  • Rolling Plow Lines
  • Packing Head Holes
  • Packing Trench Lines
  • Rolling Sod

Mini Excavators


  • 2’ to 14’ dig depth
  • Rubber Tracked for Sensitive Turf

Areas Can Be Operated In

  • “Tight” Areas and Useful For: Head Hole Excavation
  • Mainline Excavation

Multi-terrain Skid Steer


  • Rubber Track for Sensitive Turf Areas
  • Used for Grading and Big Area
  • Clean Up Sweeper
  • Attachment Lifting Forks
  • Rock Bucket Auger
  • Attachment Trencher Attachment



  • Efficient Install of Irrigation Components in New Construction Applications
  • 2” – 4” HDPE Pipe Installation
  • Wire Installation

Tractor with Turf Tires


  • 30-120HP Tractors
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Minimal Impact On Golf Features

Line Locator


  • Approximate Depth Calculation
  • Capable of Tracing Long Distances
  • Precision Locating
  • Trace Existing Irrigation Lines & Wires
  • Private Service Locating

Certified HDPE Fusion

Service Description

  • Small Diameter Fusion 1” – 6” with McElroy 14 & 26 Fuser
  • Medium Diameter Fusion 4” – 12” with McElroy 28 & 412 Fuser
  • Medium Diameter Fusion 6” – 18” with McElroy 618 TracStar
  • Raptor Electro Fusion Service
  • Sidewinder Side Wall Fusion
  • Staff are McElroy University Certified

GPS As – Built Plans & Irrigation Design

GPS As-Built

Service Description

  • Trimble GPS Survey and Auto Cad

As-Built Plans For:

  • Irrigation
  • Drainage Pipe
  • Greens
  • Tees
  • Bunkers

Irrigation Design

  • Auto Cad Irrigation Designs

Hydro-Vac Excavation


  • Used for Sensitive Areas
  • More Efficient Than Hand Digging
  • Safer Than Excavator
  • Fitted to Custom Truck Trailer
  • Hydro Vac for Bigger Jobs

Directional Drilling

Directional Drill

  • Very Little Surface Scarring
  • Less Downtime
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Less Damage to Turf
  • Utilized for Asphalt Crossings